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The Advisor Development Show is a digital mastermind network for the best financial professionals across the country. Join your host, Karl Hoover, as he interviews the brightest minds across the financial landscape every episode.

Karl has been with Financial Independence Group for more than 20 years and is a senior vice president who enjoys leading advisors through the the worlds of marketing, practice management, product R&D and the various challenges financial professionals face trying to grow and maintain their practices.

This show is all about sharing ideas and experiences to help you overcome obstacles and become a better financial professional.


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Jan 19, 2022

On today’s episode, the President of IPCG a national property and casualty brokerage group, joins us. As a partner of FIG, he is helping clients have access to customized coverages that match their needs. Independent Property and Casualty Group, has become an outlet for advisors to offer PNC to their clients without being PNC clients themselves.

These services ensure your clients have the opportunity to shop around coverages with an added level of service and client experience. On today’s show, Matt and Karl will discuss, how IPCG can make you stand out in the market, maintain client retention, and add an additional revenue stream to your business.


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2:00 – Favorite football team

4:05 – Favorite player of all time

4:52 – His background and journey

8:14 – Having FIG in a transition

9:06 – What is IPCG and how does it work?

11:15 – PNC and generational planning

14:19 – An additional revenue stream

16:38 – A couple of success stories

19:09 – Protecting clients against devastation